NOEL Tank Cost

The Noel tank, unlike traditional storage tanks, does not require additional components such as a plate heat exchanger, pump, cathode, or anode. You don’t need to prepare for any costs beyond the basic price of the tank. The device’s proper operation does not change with its use, so you also save on maintenance.

High Quality and 10-Year Warranty

Each tank is individually tailored to the type of installation, the type and number of heating devices, and the needs of its users. Therefore, the price varies depending on factors such as the number of coils, tank capacity, and power. What contributes to the price of a Noel tank? Among other things, the guarantee that it will operate flawlessly for at least 10 years, with unchanged power. You will be able to forget about maintaining the device or regular inspections of its condition, as well as component replacement.

See How Much You’ll Gain by Choosing a Noel Tank Instead of a Standard Water Tank of the Same Capacity.

Zbiornik Noel 700/1W/40
bufor 700l
4500 zł - 8000 zł
12 300 zł
zasobnik 300l
4000 zł - 7000 zł
0 zł
Wymiennik Płytowy
1 500 zł
0 zł
Dodatkowe Kształtki
1 000 zł
Dodatkowe Pompy
1 000 zł
0 zł
Kolektor Łączący
800 zł
0 zł
Czas Wykonania
Koszty Eksploatacyjne
200 zł
0 zł
Okres Gwarancji
3-5 Lat
10 Lat

13 000 zł - 18 500 zł
12 300 zł

What is the price of the product?

Our tanks and installations offer 44 thousand possibilities. Therefore, a consultation is required for each quotation to initially match the device to the needs of each boiler room.

Our certificates:

Please familiarize yourself with the detailed specifications of our tanks. Download the full technical documentation, which will provide you with insight into the operation of Noel products and facilitate their installation.
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