Heat Buffer with Solar Collectors

Affordable Domestic Hot Water Heating with the NOEL Solar Set

We invite you to take advantage of our extraordinary offer, which will allow you to enjoy the unique benefits of installing heat buffers and solar collectors.

What do you get in our solar sets?

1. High-quality heat buffer - 10 years warranty

Our buffer tanks are solidly constructed, ensuring optimal heat storage. Equipped with efficient copper coils, they provide excellent heat exchange performance, allowing you to reduce the number of solar collectors required in the installation.

2. Renowned brand solar collectors - 10 years warranty

Our solar collectors are designed to maximize the use of solar energy. We offer flat collectors that we will tailor to your individual needs, providing an efficient and reliable source of heat and safety.

3. Professional compilation and installation

Our experienced team of specialists will provide professional compilation and installation of the set to ensure everything operates smoothly and efficiently.

4. Energy and cost savings
By combining the heat buffer and solar collectors, you’ll be able to use free solar energy to heat domestic water. This translates into a significant reduction in heating costs and savings on energy bills.
5. Environmental protection
Using renewable energy, such as solar energy, allows for the reduction of CO2 emissions and caring for the natural environment. By choosing our sets, you contribute to protecting the planet for future generations.

Heat Buffer Essential with Solar Collectors

Solar collectors, combined with a buffer equipped with a copper coil for heating technical water in the buffer, store their thermal energy. This energy stored in the technical water is used to heat domestic hot water on a flow-through basis using a second coil for DHW, and to power or support central heating installations, such as underfloor heating or radiators.

Buffers with copper coils are particularly effective because they provide excellent heat exchange efficiency compared to buffers with steel coils. Such a solution often means that the number of collectors needed to meet domestic hot water needs can be up to 30% less.

Efficient Installations for Central Heating and Domestic Hot Water

The heat buffer and solar collectors also serve as a heat source for heating the building in spring or autumn.

A properly designed and executed solar collector installation is key to satisfying 55-75% of the annual demand for heating domestic hot water. However, to achieve the best efficiency, which allows us to also support the heating of the building during transitional periods, it is essential to use a high-quality NOEL heat buffer with two copper coils of appropriate heat exchange surface area and flow. Such a combination will enable our installation to power the heating of the building or pool, reducing heating costs, and providing hot water from April to September without additional expenses.

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In Summer, domestic hot water almost for free.

The daily cost of heating domestic water for a family of four (fuel and energy prices for the first quarter of 2022 – own calculations).

Solar Installation with NOEL Heat Buffer


Heat Pump


Coal Stove


Wood Boiler


Oil Boiler


Electric Water Heater


Schematics – how do we connect our heat buffers with solar collectors?

Connection diagram of a gas boiler and solar collectors

Connection diagram of a fireplace, gas boiler, and solar collectors

Connection diagram of a solid fuel boiler and solar collectors

Connection diagram of a wood boiler and solar collectors

The above diagrams are simplified and do not replace the installation project.
They are only auxiliary conceptual developments helpful in project development. The diagrams do not show necessary protective and regulatory elements. Protections should be selected in accordance with applicable regulations. Connection of heating devices and fittings should be done according to the manufacturers’ recommendations. Pipe diameters, fittings used, and their connection method should be adjusted to the required flow rates of the heating medium provided in the instructions. If you need help with connecting the Noel tank, contact our technical department.

Connect solar collectors with the buffer tank

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