The Cheapest Hot Water Heating

Forget about high bills for heating hot water! Now you can enjoy the cheapest solution by combining a heat buffer and photovoltaics.


Dreaming of lower bills for heating domestic hot water?

We have two ways to achieve this – ON-GRID and OFF-GRID.

Intelligent DHW Energy with Net Billing

ON-GRID Installation – our controller included with the device will automatically calculate and determine how much energy is needed to store for domestic hot water purposes, and the excess energy will be sent to the power grid. This way, you can always enjoy hot water and maximize the use of photovoltaic panels.

Hot Water without Complications

OFF-GRID Installation – The system does not require permits or annual servicing. The installation is completely independent of public infrastructure and electricity prices. It’s a simple and durable setup using the appropriate controller to achieve 100% of the solar panels’ potential power.
Photovoltaics and Heat Buffer: Hot Water for Free

If you don’t have them, we’ll install photovoltaic panels, allowing you to harness free solar power to generate heat energy using specially matched resistive heaters and our super-efficient heat energy storage. Furthermore, our intelligent heat storage has all the necessary controllers and automation to handle the entire installation operation.

Can you imagine having hot water for free from April to September? Now it’s possible! With our solution, you can significantly reduce your dependence on energy suppliers and avoid price fluctuations. Heat storage and photovoltaics are the perfect combination that provides you with stability and control over your costs.

The Most Affordable Hot Water Heating

Solar Photovoltaic Installation with NOEL Heat Buffer


Solar Installation with NOEL Heat Buffer


Heat Pump


Coal Stove


Wood Boiler


Oil Boiler


Electric Water Heater


Daily cost of heating domestic hot water for a four-person family (fuel and energy prices for the first quarter of 2022 – own calculations).

Unbeatable Hot Water Efficiency

In our heat storage tanks, we only use copper coils, providing:

  • Unlimited hot water supply, thanks to the flow-through heating technology
  • The hot water flow-through technology prevents the growth of legionella bacteria
  • Real-time water heating
  • No water aging phenomenon
  • Efficiency of no less than 24 liters per minute
  • Guaranteed hot water even when the tank is heated to 50°C
  • No need to remember to replace cathodic protection or anodes
  • Copper inhibits bacterial growth
  • Water from the copper coil is ideal even for demanding users such as hospitals, nurseries, kindergartens, or schools.
Copper coil for the heat buffer

Hot Water Efficiency – Comparison

NOEL tank with copper coil for domestic hot water (DHW) 400L

2400 L/h

Enamel-coated DHW tank 500L with steel coil

855 L/h

Stainless steel jacketed tank INOX 100/200

630 L/h

Tank in tank 500/200 L

400 L/h

Stainless steel coil tank for domestic hot water (DHW) 500L

240 L/h

NOEL Heat Storage Tank integrated with any installation.

We will integrate our devices with various heat sources, with any central heating (c.h.) and domestic hot water (d.h.w.) installation. The heat storage tank accumulates energy, stabilizes the temperature between the heat source and the heat receivers, connects the open circuit with the closed circuit, fireplace with water jacket, solid fuel boiler, heat pump, solar collectors, additionally increasing efficiency by up to 30% and extending the lifespan of heating devices.
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Interested in our solution?

Learn more about our heating systems and discover how we can help you save on heating costs and improve your central heating (c.h.) and domestic hot water (d.h.w.) installation.