Hot Water On Demand

The technology of on-demand water heating is an innovation that saves you time, money, and provides the comfort of never running out of hot water.

Copper coil for the heat buffer

What Sets Apart the NOEL Hot Water Tank for Domestic Use?

  • Copper coil.
  • Hygiene – prevents Legionella bacteria growth.
  • Flow-through water heating technology.
  • Always fresh water – does not stagnate in the system, so it doesn’t age.
  • Continuous supply of hot water.

Continuous Access to Hot Water

Do you want to have continuous access to hot water? Join the heating system with the Noel tank – it ensures that hot water will never run out! Compared to other tanks or reservoirs available on the market, the Noel tank maintains its efficiency over the years. See the other differences between the devices.

Zbiornik NOEL
zwykly ciepla woda 2 1
noel ciepla woda 1
Mała powierzchnia wymiany ciepła
Duża powierzchnia wymiany ciepła
Wężownice stalowe o słabej wymianie ciepła
Wężownice miedziane o dużej sprawności w wymianie ciepła
Dodatkowe koszty wymiany anody i katody
Brak dodatkowych kosztów
Z roku na rok gorsza wydajność
Wydajność bez zmian przez minimum 10 lat
Tylko c.w.u., bez zasilania c.o.
Maksymalnie dwa źródła ciepła
Nieograniczona liczba źródeł ciepłai odbiorników

The differences between reservoirs and the Noel tank are also noticeable in terms of device efficiency. Large capacity doesn’t always translate to high efficiency, which affects the continuous access to hot water.

Zbiornik w zbiorniku
zbiornik z wężownicą ze stali
Zbiornik NOEL z wężownicą miedzianą
zasobnik 1
zwykly zasobnik 1
noel 1
Bardzo wysoka temperatura zasilania dla c.w.u.
Bardzo wysoka temperatura zasilania dla c.w.u.
Wysoka sprawność już przy 50 st. C
Wydajność c.w.u. 20 l/min - 400 l/h
Wydajność c.w.u. 25 l/min - 240 l/h
Wydajność c.w.u. 24 l/min - 1440 l/h
Krótki okres gwarancji
10 lat gwarancji
Dodatkowe Pompy
1 000 zł
0 zł
Ogrzewanie wody w czasie rzeczywistym

Continuous Flow Hot Water System

The technology of continuous flow hot water heating is an innovation that saves you time and money while providing the comfort of never running out of hot water.

Time Savings

If you’ve often found yourself waiting for several seconds, or even minutes, to wash dishes in warm water or simply to take a bath, it’s time for a change. The Noel tank utilizes continuous flow hot water heating technology, ensuring a constant flow of hot water. Even with high demand, there’s no need to worry about cold water coming from the tap. Hot water is available at all times. The coils in the Noel tank have large surfaces and are made of copper, which conducts heat well. As a result, the entire water heating process is significantly accelerated. Hot water appears at the tap or shower immediately. The number of people wanting to use it at the same time doesn’t matter – there will be more than enough hot water for everyone.

Money Savings

Every wait for hot water increases your bills. It’s easy to calculate how much you lose when each household member (or user) unnecessarily lets cold water run every day: before washing hands, bathing, taking a shower, or washing dishes. The tank utilizes continuous flow hot water heating technology, ensuring instant heating. The type of heating system you use is irrelevant in this case. The tank works with all appliances. Hot water appears at the tap immediately upon opening it – even if several bathrooms have several people wanting to bathe simultaneously.

Which Tank to Choose to Ensure You Never Run Out of Hot Water

dom cwu 1


3 bathrooms

1 kitchen

Tank 40 liters/minute

pensjonat cwu 1


8 łazienek

3 kuchnie

zbiornik 80 litrów/min

hotel cwu 1

The hotel

16 łazienek

zbiornik 80 litrów/min

szpital cwu 1


25 bathrooms

tank 80 liters/min

In the case of higher water consumption, such as in a jacuzzi or a rain shower, it’s important to check the parameters of the device, specifically its water consumption in liters per minute (l/min). It may turn out that if you have a rain shower, then a tank with a capacity of 40 liters/min would be sufficient to use hot water simultaneously in two bathrooms and one kitchen.