NOEL for Commercial Facilities

We’ll come over! We’ll advise! We’ll help! We’ll tailor the NOEL tank to the type of installation in your facility. Do you manage a large facility and need to provide hot water for dozens, or even hundreds of guests? Or perhaps you own a small guesthouse and struggle to heat all the rooms in winter? Often, a small change is all it takes – adding a NOEL tank to your installation – to make a big difference. Find out how we can assist you.

Noel Tanks have already been installed in places such as:

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    agritourism facilities

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    butcher shops

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    car washes

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    fitness clubs

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    residential blocks

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    housing cooperatives

What Problem Does the NOEL Tank Solve?

Continuous Hot Water Demand

In contrast to residential buildings, establishments such as restaurants or butcher shops have an increased demand for hot (and even boiling) water in very large quantities, almost continuously. Serving numerous guests, washing hundreds of dishes, cleaning dirty, greasy surfaces – all of these require access to hot water non-stop. Interruptions in its supply mean delays. It is also necessary to adapt the installation to the requirements of the sanitary inspectorate, and for this, a constant supply of hot water is essential.
In such establishments, a well-chosen hot water tank is essential. The Noel tank operates based on the technology of flow-through water heating, which guarantees a constant supply of hot water. Compared to standard tanks, Noel is not heated halfway by a single heat source, so it does not store cold water, which would take additional time to heat. Hot water appears at the tap immediately upon opening it – regardless of the quantity you need and in how many places you need it simultaneously.

The high demands of customers are obvious to us, and we always look for ways to meet them. This is the case with specific establishments – not just homes.

Integration of Multiple Heat Sources

Larger facilities such as hospitals often utilize multiple heat sources to reduce heating costs and produce hot water. If they opt for a standard tank, they can only integrate two heating devices with it, which may be insufficient. As a result, the hot water runs out quickly because the tank is heated halfway by a single source. If you forget about the periodic replacement of the cathode and anode, the tank will accumulate limescale over the years, gradually reducing its efficiency.

In such a situation, it is advisable to consider switching from a standard tank to a buffer tank with a copper coil for heating hot water. You can connect a large number of heating devices to the unit and use them simultaneously or alternately – depending on what is more convenient and cost-effective for you. There are also no limitations on connecting renewable heat sources.

Guarantee of Bacteria-Free Water

In places where safety is of paramount importance, the formation of bacteria in water that poses health risks cannot be tolerated. This applies to locations related to food processing, which are subject to strict sanitary requirements, as well as hospitals or preschools, which must adhere to rigorous hygiene standards.

In such facilities, the use of standard hot water tanks can lead to the accumulation of bacteria in the water system. Particularly dangerous are legionella bacteria, which, if ingested, can cause Legionnaires’ disease and, ultimately, even death. Cool water stored in tanks is an ideal environment for legionella growth.

However, bacterial growth does not occur in Noel tanks. This is prevented by the technology of flow-through water heating, which ensures that water does not stagnate in the tank, leaving no room for bacterial growth. Additionally, the copper used in Noel’s coils has antibacterial properties, guaranteeing sterile water in the pipes. Furthermore, the reliable operation of the tank is backed by a 10-year warranty.