HST Heat Storage Tank

The HST is the key to optimal utilization of thermal energy, ensuring comfort and efficiency in your home or business.

Idealne zastosowanie do akumulacji energii cieplnej z różnych źródeł ciepła.

The Noel buffer tank accumulates energy produced by heat sources and delivers it to the heating installation (radiators, underfloor heating, wall heating), reducing fuel consumption. It regulates the temperature in the heating system, preventing high temperatures in the heating installation. The Noel tank does not require user operation – it operates completely autonomously. It is suitable for homes and facilities utilizing installations such as solid fuel boilers, fireplaces with water jackets, or heat pumps.

Full flexibility of connections between heat sources and heat receivers allows for the design and implementation of heating installations in various technical combinations, i.e., combining open systems with closed systems. This solution facilitates work and shortens the time required to complete the boiler room project, while maintaining comfort and safety in the use of heating installations.

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Technical Parameters

Material:S235JR, thickness: 3 mm
Insulation:Rock wool
Protective jacket:Eco leather
Tank working pressure:3 bar
Permissible operating temperature:95ºC
Tank operation in the system:open and closed
Warranty:10 years

Available Models

Device Model
Heating Power
ZBA 400
10 - 20 kW
400 L
670 mm
1900 mm
80 kg
ZBA 700
20 - 30 kW
700 L
820 mm
2000 mm
115 kg
ZBA 900
30 - 50 kW
900 L
920 mm
2000 mm
115 kg
ZBA 1200
+ 50 kW
1200 L
1050 mm
2200 mm
185 kg
ZBA 1500
+ 50 kW
1500 L
1050 mm
2700 mm
210 kg

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