IMC Intelligent Heat Storage

With Noel’s IMC, you can effortlessly store excess energy that cannot be utilized due to overloaded power grids. With the included software for intelligent heat management, the system, according to user settings, will determine where and when to distribute heat, as well as decide how much electrical energy it needs at any given hour and how much it can contribute back to the grid.

IMC: The Heart of a Modern Boiler Room

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Compatible <span style="color: #d54508;">Connects Any Heat Source</span>

The energy storage unit, ideal for projects with multiple sources generating thermal energy, acts as a coupling element. With the heat storage unit, you can integrate many heating devices into the installation that previously couldn’t cooperate together.

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Intelligent <span style="color: #d54508;">Heat Distribution</span>

Managing heating and heat distribution has never been easier. With the NOEL energy storage controller, you can automate heat management in each room separately or control the temperature remotely using your smartphone.

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Economical <span style="color: #d54508;">30% Lower Bills</span>

Designed with efficient savings in mind. We have implemented a range of solutions such as highly insulated tank casing and a heat exchanger with top parameters to ensure the heat source achieves optimal efficiency.

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<p>Efficiency <span style="color: #d54508;">Always Available Hot Water</span></p>

It ensures high efficiency of domestic hot water thanks to high heat exchange parameters. With a 50°C parameter, it achieves DHW production at 45°C. Thanks to flow-through water heating, it guarantees fresh water without legionella bacteria.

Thermal Energy Storage – the Key to Increasing the Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources

Energy storage is crucial for the energy transition. Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy are fully dependent on weather conditions, meaning they are not always available when needed. Therefore, energy storage is becoming increasingly important as it allows for the storage of electrical energy in the form of heat and its utilization at a later time. NOEL offers a wide range of solutions for thermal energy storage for various applications.

Our intelligent thermal energy storage can connect to one or several heat sources, such as solar collectors, heat pumps, or boilers. This allows you to use different heat sources and always have access to hot water and home heating.

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IMC tailored to every boiler room


For the Intelligent Heat Storage, it doesn’t matter what heat sources or heat receivers you currently have installed. We will tailor this heating system to the needs of any boiler room, and experienced installers from NOEL will connect everything so that users can enjoy the comfort of warmth and hot water.