Buffer Tank and Heat Storage – Key to Efficient Energy Utilization

Buffers Compatible with Every Heat Source

You can connect our heat buffer with a coil for domestic hot water to various heat sources, every central heating and hot water installation. NOEL heat buffer accumulates energy, stabilizes the temperature between the heat source and the heat receivers, and connects open systems with closed systems. A fireplace with a water jacket, solid fuel boiler, heat pump, solar collectors will increase their efficiency by up to 30%.
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Safe Heating
and Always Warm Water

We have been manufacturing and installing buffer tanks with copper coils for 17 years. We ensure uninterrupted access to heat in your home, hotel, and wherever you need it. We guarantee an unlimited supply of domestic hot water, thanks to flow heating technology.

What Do You Gain with NOEL Thermal Buffers?


The heat buffer prevents water from boiling – in critical situations, it absorbs excess energy. The heat buffer with an electric heater contributes to reducing the emission of harmful substances.


Up to 30% lower heating bills. All the heat goes into the rooms instead of up the chimney. By using a buffer tank with a solid fuel boiler (pellet, wood), fireplace.


The buffer contributes to reducing the emission of harmful substances, benefiting you, your installation, and the environment.

What sets apart NOEL Heat Buffers?

Tank within a tank
tank with a steel coil
NOEL tank with a copper coil
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Very high supply temperature for hot water.
Very high supply temperature for hot water.
High efficiency already at 50 degrees Celsius.
Hot water production efficiency: 20 l/min - 400 l/h
Hot water production efficiency: 25 l/min - 240 l/h
Hot water production efficiency: 24 l/min - 1440 l/h
Short warranty period
10 years warranty
Additional Pumps
200 €
0 €
Real-time water heating

NOEL Tanks Unrivaled in Domestic Hot Water Performance

No matter how many people, everyone will enjoy warm water. Our tanks with a coil for domestic hot water satisfy even the needs of hotels and hospitals.

NOEL tank with a copper coil for domestic hot water (DHW) 400L

2400 L/h

Enamel-coated DHW tank 500L with a steel coil

855 L/h

Stainless steel jacket tank INOX 100/200

630 L/h

Tank in tank storage 500/200 L

400 L/h

Stainless steel coil tank for DHW 500L

240 L/h

NOEL Technology

Technology that combines the functions of three devices: heat exchanger, coupling, and accumulator tank.

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Copper coils

Copper is the best conductor of heat, additionally it is resistant to corrosion and has antibacterial properties.

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Adjustable legs

Simplified installation on uneven surfaces, providing the ability to adjust to the room’s height.

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Copper and steel

Special connection of copper coil with steel jacket ensures no reaction between metals.

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Corrosion protection

Each tank is protected against corrosion using specialized paint.
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Steel thickness

We use 3mm thick steel for the tanks, which is twice as thick as required by UDT standards.
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10 years warranty

Thanks to the materials used and our reliable production process based on proprietary technologies, we can offer our customers a 10-year warranty on our tanks.

Heat Buffer NOEL Provides:

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    constant access to fresh, running hot water,

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    storing excess thermal energy from heat pumps, solid fuel boilers, solar collectors, water jacketed fireplaces, and other heat sources

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    reduces emission of exhaust gases,

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    prevents or significantly delays the overheating of the fireplace

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    stabilizes the temperature between heat sources and heat receivers

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    increases the efficiency and lifespan of heat sources

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    optimal operation of solid fuel boiler, water jacket fireplace

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    complete utilization of produced heat energy and its surplus, savings up to 30%

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    the possibility to reduce building heating and hot water costs

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    safe connection of various heat sources

Buffer Perfect for Heat Pumps and Eco-Friendly Energy Sources

Noel buffer stores energy produced by heat sources such as heat pumps, solar collectors, photovoltaics, wind turbines, and delivers it to every room of your property. The technology it employs allows for the continuous supply of hot water to faucets, showers, and other points of use.


They’re Talking About Us


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“A hotel facility with 90 accommodation places, all rooms with bathrooms, a restaurant, large gastronomic facilities. Additionally, there is a recreational pavilion with a banquet hall and saunas, as well as bars for our guests and tourists relaxing on the slopes. It’s a big logistical challenge to provide ideal conditions for all guests to relax. Two different heat sources were used to heat the facility. A 250kW chip boiler and a 100 kW wood boiler. Four Noel buffer tanks with a capacity of 1500 liters each were used to connect and cooperate with these devices. Two were used for hot water preparation, to meet the needs of hotel guests for hot water and the gastronomic facility. The remaining two tanks are intended for cooperation with the room heating system.”


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“We run an agritourism farm called ‘Dom Gościnny u Majów’ in the Kłodzko Valley. We can accommodate up to 25 guests at a time. Each room has its own bathroom, which in the past caused problems with providing hot water to all guests – especially when a larger number of guests wanted to use it at the same time. We decided to modernize the boiler room. Noel’s employees advised us on how to do it best. We replaced the old furnace with a new wood-fired boiler, which heats the rooms and water in the winter months. When the sun is out, we use solar collectors to heat the water. The old furnace was about 30 years old, had very poor efficiency, and was difficult to operate. However, the boiler selected by NOEL meets all our expectations, and thanks to the modernization, we are certainly saving a lot of cubic meters of wood and, consequently, money.”

Guardian of the Monastery Seweryn Masarczyk

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“In our monastery, the first house of the international Frezda de Espanca foundation for young people in difficult life situations was established in Poland. So far, only 2 gas boilers were connected, supplemented by old, electric water heaters. Due to the expansion of the attic, we decided to connect two gas boilers and two NOEL heat buffers. This was completely sufficient to meet the needs for hot water for our wards. At the same time, up to 100 people can stay in the center and in the monastery. Even if a large number of them take a bath at the same time, there is no shortage of hot water.”