Hybrid Heat Storage Tank with Three Copper Coils

The most advanced version of the Noel tank. Three coils provide nearly unlimited possibilities for connecting heating devices and heat receivers.

Idealne zastosowanie do łączenia różnych źródeł ciepła. Zastosowanie bufora ciepła Noel standardowo wyposażonego w trzy miedziane wężownice:

  • Górna miedziana wężownica do przepływowego przygotowania ciepłej wody użytkowej,
  • Druga miedziana wężownica do podłączenia np. z systemem solarnym,
  • Trzecia miedziana wężownica do podłączenia np. z systemem solarnym, zasilaniem z sieci ciepłowniczej oraz urządzeniami do odzysku ciepła.


Pełna dowolność kombinacji źródeł ciepła i odbiorników ciepła pozwala zaprojektować oraz wykonać instalacje grzewcze w różnych kombinacjach technicznych, łącząc ze sobą układy otwarte z układami zamkniętymi. Takie rozwiązanie ułatwia pracę oraz skraca czas wykonania projektu samej kotłowni, zachowując komfort i bezpieczeństwo użytkowania instalacji grzewczych.

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Technical Parameters
Material:S235JR, thickness 3 mm
Insulation:Rock wool
Protective Jacket:Eco leather
Tank Working Pressure:3 bar
Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Working Pressure:6 bar
Permissible Operating Temperature:95ºC
Heat Exchange Surface Area of DHW Coil:from F= 2.8 m² to F= 3.4 m²
DHW Efficiency:from 1400 l/h to 2400 l/h
Heat Exchange Surface Area of Middle Coil:from F= 1.7 m²
Heat Exchange Surface Area of Bottom Coil:from F= 1.7 m²
Tank Operation in System:Open and Closed
Warranty:10 years

Tanks for Advanced Installations

On a daily basis, you use a solid fuel boiler, enjoy a fireplace in the living room, and harness solar energy from photovoltaic panels on sunny days? A tank with three coils will connect all these devices seamlessly. Like other models, it can both store excess energy and independently heat domestic water. With it, you’ll forget about waiting for hot water in the shower and monitoring to prevent water from boiling in the boiler.

Examples of Installations Suitable for a Tank with Three Coils:

  • Water jacket fireplace + solar collectors + gas installation
  • Water jacket fireplace + heat pump + gas installation

Diagram of Noel Heat Storage Tanks with Copper Coils

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The innovation of Noel heat storage tanks with copper coils includes:
The ability to connect multiple heat devices to power multiple heating and hot water systems simultaneously.
The buffer can collaborate simultaneously with:

  • Water jacket fireplace,
  • Solid fuel boiler,
  • Oil boiler,
  • Gas boiler, electric boiler,
  • Heat pump,
  • Solar collectors,
  • Photovoltaics,

which can thereby maximize their efficiency and extend their lifespan.
The capacity of the heat buffer is intended for the accumulation of heat produced by various heat sources, and the accumulated thermal energy is transferred to the heating system (underfloor heating, radiators, wall heating).

When connected to a solid fuel boiler or a water jacket fireplace, using SBG (Safe Gravity System), we gain control over the proper operation of the devices, preventing overheating of the equipment or significantly delaying this process, even in the absence of electricity or a circulation pump failure.

When connected to a solar system, we simultaneously gain: hot water and central heating.

Instead of several devices, we have one device, working as:

  • Buffer: a heat storage unit, accumulating heat from various heat sources,
  • Heat exchanger: a flow-through water heater for domestic hot water,
  • Coupling: the ability to connect multiple heat sources simultaneously to power multiple heating and hot water systems, as well as different heat receivers.

Continuous Flow Domestic Hot Water Heating in Noel Buffer Tank

  • Unlimited amount of hot water, thanks to continuous flow heating technology
  • The technology of continuous flow of domestic hot water prevents the growth of Legionella bacteria
  • Real-time water heating
  • No aging of water occurs
  • Efficiency of no less than 24 liters per minute
  • Guaranteed hot water as soon as the tank is heated to 50°C
  • No need to remember to replace the cathode or anode
  • Copper inhibits bacterial growth
  • Water from the copper coil is ideal even for demanding users such as hospitals, nurseries, kindergartens, or schools.
Copper coil for the heat buffer

Available Models

Heating Power
Hot Water Flow
Technical Datasheet
700 / 3W / 40
20 - 30 kW
40 L/min
610 L
800 mm
2000 mm
170 kg
900 / 3W / 40
30 - 50 kW
40 L/min
830 L
900 mm
2100 mm
225 kg
900 / 3W / 40 SLIM
30 - 50 kW
40 L/min
830 L
820 mm
2500 mm
225 kg
1200 / 3W / 40
+ 50 kW
40 L/min
1120 L
1000 mm
2200 mm
230 kg
1200 / 3W / 40 SLIM
+ 50 kW
40 L/min
1120 L
920 mm
2600 mm
245 kg
1500 / 3W / 40
+ 50 kW
40 L/min
1320 L
1000 mm
2700 mm
260 kg
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