NOEL Benefits

Connecting NOEL devices to heating installations guarantees safety, comfort, and energy savings.

Storage of Excess Heat

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The heat produced by your solid fuel boiler or fireplace with a water jacket (regardless of its type) without a tank is not fully utilized. If there is currently no demand for heating rooms and hot water, the fuel burns without benefit. Its excess settles inside the furnace and chimney, contributing to increased air pollution.
The problem disappears when connecting the Noel tank. The device captures the excess heat energy, allowing the solid fuel boiler or fireplace with a water jacket to operate at full power and at higher temperatures. This way, all the fuel is burned, and if there is currently no need for such amount of heat, the tank accumulates it and releases it only when it is necessary to heat water or rooms.

Safe Heating

You may have heard of situations where the water in a solid fuel boiler or fireplace with a water jacket heats up to very high temperatures? This is a dangerous condition that can even lead to the explosion of the solid fuel boiler. This can happen when the heat from the boiler has nowhere to “escape” – for example, when the radiators are closed.
How can the Noel tank prevent this? The device continuously captures heat from the solid fuel boiler or fireplace and stores it. Even when the temperature inside them reaches 100°C, the tank will absorb the excess heat energy and prevent a dangerous situation. You don’t have to manually monitor the temperature. The installation with the Noel tank will do it automatically.
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Lower Bills

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One of the biggest changes after connecting the Noel tank? Noticeably lower bills – from the first heating period. This is thanks to the Noel tank and its thermal insulation, where unused heat is stored (to heat rooms or water) for several hours after its production. In practice, you can save up to 1/3 of the fuel that would be burned without benefit and would end up inside the chimney as soot. After connecting the Noel tank to the heating system, excess heat energy is stored and used to heat the home and water.

Comfort and Convenience

Would you like to burn a fireplace with a water jacket in your living room, but are afraid that you will have to add wood every few hours? Do you come back to a cold house after a trip because none of the household members have replenished the fuel in the solid fuel boiler? These are common problems that the Noel tank solves when combined with these heat sources.
The device is excellently thermally insulated, so all you need to do is heat the water in the entire tank once, and you won’t have to worry about replenishing the fuel for several days. The heating system, combined with the Noel tank, operates fully autonomously. You don’t have to turn it on, off, or adjust the transmission of heat energy to radiators or underfloor heating.
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Instant Hot Water

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Are you wondering why sometimes you have to wait several tens of seconds for hot water (link to the Offer tab: Hot Water) in the faucet? This problem is well known to hotel and guesthouse owners when a larger number of guests want to use hot water. The reason is probably incorrect water circulation. The effects are obvious: you waste time and money, and also waste cold water, which is poured aimlessly.
The Noel tank can also handle this problem. It uses water flow heating technology. This means that water is heated on demand. A warm stream in the faucet or under the shower appears immediately, regardless of the number of users at the same time. Even hundreds of hotel guests can take a bath at the same time.

Customization for Every Home

We produce three types of tanks with capacities ranging from several hundred to several thousand liters. Thanks to this, you can easily choose a tank for both a small house and large facilities such as restaurants or hotels.
In addition to standard products, we design tailor-made tanks. Small boiler room dimensions do not mean that you have to give up our device. We will adjust its size to both your needs and the size of the room in which you will install it.
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Ecology and Environment

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We care about ecology. And connecting the Noel tank makes it easier to care for the environment. The tank allows heating devices to operate at full power, thereby minimizing the creation of harmful compounds (including carbon monoxide and particulate matter). Unlike installations without a tank, in this case, soot does not accumulate in the chimney flue and does not contribute to its deterioration. Both your home and the environment benefit.