Who We Are?

We are a family-owned company run by enthusiasts of modern heating systems. We have been manufacturing and installing our tanks since 2006. Our driving force has always been the desire to share our knowledge and introduce a product to the market that will make life easier for residents of single-family homes, as well as owners of larger facilities such as restaurants or guesthouses. We have our own production plant near Wrocław, and our products are based on proven European materials.

Our History

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Establishment of the company
Production of the first tanks
Obtaining a patent

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Expansion of the product range to 5 models

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Initiation of training sessions for installation designers

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Obtaining the Certificate of Conformity for pressure vessels

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Recognition at the Silesia Building Expo SIBEX fair in Sosnowiec

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Recognition at the International ENEX Fair in Kielce

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Gold Medal at the International Installation Trade Fair in Poznań

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Production of new tank models with varying hot water output

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Implementation of an innovative insulation solution to reduce heat loss

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Conducting insulation testing of the tank by Wrocław University of Science and Technology

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Research on heat losses of tanks

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Introduction of a new ecological product: Second Tariff Heater

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Implementation of dedicated automation for NOEL buffers

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Research on modules for integrating NOEL heat buffers with photovoltaics
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Introduction of a new product – thermal energy storage unit IMC
Noel originated as the brainchild of the company owner’s father. Lesław Krzeszowiak, by profession an electrician, is passionate about modern heating installations. His quest for expanding knowledge in this field gave rise to the idea for an innovative solution – a tank with a copper coil. Mr. Lesław’s expertise in installation was of immense importance in the company’s development process. Noel remains a family business, with its members sharing experience and ideas daily. “…” says Noel’s owner, Jacek Krzeszowiak.

Co robimy?

We produce devices – buffer tanks with a copper coil for hot water, buffer tanks for heat pumps, which provide constant access to heating and hot water, affordably, safely, and environmentally friendly. We use Polish raw materials and support local industry – our production plant is located near Wroclaw.

We understand that not everyone has specialized knowledge about heating installations. Therefore, we aimed to create a product that none of our clients would have difficulty operating. After years of trials and modifications, we can boast a completely maintenance-free tank. Moreover, thanks to Noel, other heating devices in the house or other building require much less attention than before its installation.

We won’t leave you alone with the choice of the right device. We want you to fully benefit from the tank’s capabilities. If you are not satisfied with your current heating installation – we will inspect it and find the cause of the problem. If you are in the process of building a house or another facility – we will ask the right questions to choose a tank that will provide you with maximum comfort – warm interiors, water, and generate savings. Once you make a decision, we will deliver the tank to the construction site so you don’t have to worry about its transport.

Noel tanks operate based on schematics prepared by us. We aimed to simplify the installation process as much as possible, so we carefully described the documents to guide the installer through each step. At the same time, our specialists are always available. In case of any questions about any stage of the installation, they will gladly answer them. This way, we guarantee the installer that after completing the installation, the customer will receive a fully functional heating system.

Our actions are based on cooperation with local businesses. The production of all components for Noel tanks takes place in Poland. We have developed a combination of materials that work together to create a unique, highly efficient solution. Copper, which we have chosen for the production of the coil, conducts heat 6 times better than the steel used in other tanks. It has bactericidal properties and can be safely used in contact with running water. The steel covering the tank is twice as thick as required by standards. Thanks to this, we offer up to 10 years warranty on the trouble-free operation of the tank.

Still, we are gaining and expanding our experience in:

  • Implementation for the HoReCa industry – we build individually tailored systems for hotels, guesthouses, inns, wedding venues, and restaurants

  • Industrial implementations – we compose tanks for chilled water and glycol

  • Installation of tanks for public utility facilities – hospitals, religious institutions,

  • Adaptation of tanks for forest ranger stations, Food Processing Plants

  • Heat recovery in challenging facilities – car washes, laundry and dyeing plants, in horticulture

  • Installation of tanks in large facilities – palaces, residential blocks, fitness clubs

  • The safety and innovation of the Noel tank’s operation, as well as the uniqueness of our solution, are confirmed by certificates and patents.

Our Certifications:

Please familiarize yourself with the detailed specifications of our tanks. Download the full technical documentation, which will provide you with insight into the operation of Noel products and facilitate their installation.
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