Heat Storage Tank and Fireplace with Water Jacket

A safe and efficient solution that will save thermal energy, stabilize the operation and temperature of the heating system, facilitate the addition of additional heat sources to the system, and enable the use of hot domestic water.

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Fireplace with Water Jacket and Buffer Tank with Copper Coil

Discover the combination of traditional fireplace warmth with advanced heat buffer technology and automation.
Your fireplace not only adds charm to your home but now, thanks to our system, it will become a source of reliable, economical, and eco-friendly heat.

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Key Benefits:

Operational Safety

Don’t worry about safety, even during power outages. Our system is designed to ensure the safe operation of a fireplace with a water jacket under all conditions.

Optimal Combustion

Thanks to the advanced technology of our fireplace, the fuel burns at high temperatures, ensuring longer device lifespan and lower emissions of harmful substances.

Precise Heat Management

With our system, you won’t overheat the installation or rooms. Precise control allows for the perfect adjustment of the amount of heat provided to current needs, translating into comfort and savings.

Fuel Savings

With proper connection and operation, you can save up to 30% on fuel costs. This is not only a benefit for your wallet but also for the environment.

DHW from a Fireplace with a Water Jacket?

With the NOEL system, not even 1kW of energy is wasted. Our buffer tank is designed to additionally allow for the flow heating of domestic water, using the thermal energy previously accumulated from the fireplace with a water jacket.

low bills for hot water
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The NOEL heat storage tank with proprietary installation and automation – store heat, save on heating costs!

Installing a heat storage tank in a heating system with a fireplace with a water jacket is an excellent investment that brings many benefits to your home and wallet. Here are a few reasons why adding a heat storage tank to your heating system with a fireplace is worthwhile:

Domestic Hot Water

The NOEL heat storage tank has a copper coil for clean, running domestic hot water that reaches a temperature of 45ºC when the tank is heated to 50ºC.

Energy Savings

Our tank stores the surplus thermal energy from the fireplace with a water jacket for later use. This allows for a reduction in fuel consumption, leading to energy savings.

Improved Efficiency

The NOEL heat storage tank improves the efficiency of the entire heating system because it allows for the use of heat that would otherwise be lost. As a result, the heating system becomes more efficient and economical.

Stable Heating of the Building

The heat storage tank provides stabilization for the heating system, even after the fireplace has been extinguished. The heated water from the heat storage tank can be used to heat the home for a longer period, allowing for the maintenance of a constant temperature in the rooms. Additionally, you can connect our dedicated automation to the NOEL buffer, which allows for the control of multiple heating circuits.

System Safety

The NOEL heat storage tank allows for the use of safe central heating installations. By using our solutions in heating installations with fireplaces with a water jacket, you will increase safety and extend the lifespan of both the installation and the fireplace with a water jacket.

Easier Installation

The NOEL heat storage tank is easy to install and can be integrated with additional heat sources such as heat pumps, solar collectors, or photovoltaic panels. This allows you to quickly and easily adapt the heating system to your needs.

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Diagrams of connecting the NOEL heat storage tank with a fireplace with a water jacket

Connection Diagram for Fireplace with Gas Stove

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Diagram of connecting the fireplace to the coil and the gas boiler to the tank

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Diagram of connecting the fireplace, gas boiler, and solar collectors

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Diagram of connecting the heat pump with the fireplace

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The above diagrams are simplified and do not replace the installation project.
They serve only as auxiliary conceptual developments, helpful in developing the project. The diagrams do not include necessary protective and regulatory elements. Protections should be selected in accordance with applicable regulations. Connection of heating devices and fittings should be carried out according to the recommendations of the manufacturers of these devices. Pipe diameters, fittings used, and the method of their connection should be adapted to the required flow rates of the heating medium given in the instructions. If you need help with connecting the Noel tank, please contact our technical department.

Safe and efficient installation of a fireplace with a water jacket!

Learn more about our heating systems and find out how we can help you save on heating costs and improve your heating and hot water installation.