Hybrid Heat Buffer and Integration of Multiple Energy Sources

Thanks to the patented technology in the NOEL heat buffer, along with the use of high-quality materials, the cost of installation is favorable, while offering many simple solutions and possibilities to integrate various heat sources.

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Buffers Compatible with Every Heat Source

Due to the wide variety of heating devices such as solid fuel boilers, water jacket stoves, solar collectors, heat pumps, it’s increasingly difficult to effectively combine heat sources for user comfort and heating cost reduction. To achieve this, we invest in increasingly complex and expensive hydraulic and control systems, which in case of failure require professional servicing, often resulting in significant costs.

The solution to this problem lies in hybrid installations with the Noel heat buffer, which can function as:

  • a buffer, serving as an accumulation tank for solid fuel boilers, water jacket stoves, heat pumps, and solar collectors,
  • a coupling mechanism, connecting multiple heat sources simultaneously to various central heating and hot water systems,
  • a flow-through water heater with a capacity of no less than 24 liters per minute of sanitary water.

The high efficiency of the device ensures excellent performance of the entire system, leading to operational savings. With one device – the buffer with three coils from Noel – it’s possible to reliably and functionally connect multiple heat sources to power various central heating and hot water systems.

Diagrams of Heat Storage Tank and Heat Pump Connections

Diagram of Connection between Fireplace, Solar Collectors, and Air Source Heat Pump

Diagram of Connection between Gas Boiler, Fireplace, and Air Source Heat Pump

Diagram of Connection between Fireplace, Gas Boiler, and Solar Collectors

Diagram of Connection between Heat Pump and Solar Collectors

The above diagrams are simplified and do not replace the installation project.
They serve as conceptual aids helpful in developing the project. The diagrams do not include necessary safety and regulatory elements. Safety measures should be selected in accordance with applicable regulations. The connection of heating devices and fittings should be carried out according to the recommendations of the manufacturers of these devices. Pipe diameters, fittings used, and their connection method should be adjusted to the required flow rates of the heating medium as stated in the instructions. If you need assistance on how to connect the Noel tank, please contact our technical department.